13 March 2013

EDI Support is Critical to Your Business, But Is It to Your EDI Provider?

This is a guest post from Glenn McPeak of Data Masons.

When you evaluate and select ISV solutions to complement your Dynamics GP investment, a majority of the time your focus is on finding a remedy to a particular pain point. Unfortunately, this means that a majority of the time you focus mainly on the solution – its cost, integration, reputation, etc. – but what you may be doing in the process is diminishing the value of support as it relates to the ROI of your investment, and the success of your business.  

Evaluating EDI solutions can be a daunting task with multiple solution providers claiming the same capabilities – integration, ease-of-use, outsourcing, etc. However, take it a step further and talk support and you’ll begin to see a wide gap between what different providers offer.  It’s not about how quickly you can access your provider’s technical support line, or how many holidays for which they provide coverage, “support” goes far deeper and wider, from the solution’s design, integration, and then finally, to traditional support.

For example, when evaluating an EDI provider’s commitment to supporting your business, ask yourself, does the provider: 
  • Have a fully-automated solution designed to eliminate ERP customizations?  
  • Offer plug-and-play set up as opposed to a time-consuming, resource-heavy project?
  • Employ a dedicated support team that keeps your business top-of-mind; and 
  • Deliver day one support for any future version GP releases and updates, as well as ongoing support for Microsoft's sunset versions?      
To protect your Dynamics investments and your bottom line, you need an EDI provider that makes your business, their business. This means having the dedicated, fast-acting support, including full compliance management services, required to maintain the competitive advantage EDI should deliver. With any other level of support, your business' EDI investment is at risk.

Compare EDI Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP and see how providers stack up against each other. And don’t wait to introduce the discussion around support, for if you do, you may find that it’s not that easy after all to get the answers you need when it comes to EDI and your business.

Talk with Data Masons’ Dynamics EDI experts next week at Convergence 2013.  Data Masons will be exhibiting in Expo Booth #742.    

Data Masons is a huge supporter of this site and the Dynamics GP community in general. If you can spell the letters 'EDI' I would encourage you to drop by their booth at Convergence. - Mark