25 March 2013

My Convergence 2013 Thoughts

We had a great Convergence. I got to play in the GP general session with Mariano. You should be able to watch the whole thing online at Virtual Convergence. All of my presentations are available on the site on the right side. If you're looking for something, download the presentation.

The 50 Tips sessions were really well received. More people saw 50 Tips this year than any previous year. For the first session they had to turn people away because the room was too full. Comments and evaluations have been fantastic too. I was worried that the 50 Tips presentations was losing it's appeal but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The Cookbook sold out sometime Wednesday morning and interest was high for the new dashboard book as well. Speaking of dashboards, my dashboard sessions with Jared Hall of Microsoft went really well too. The first version of that session had people turned away due to a lack of space.The repeat was completely fully too but everyone got in. We're getting great evaluations on top of everything else.

As of right now, all 4 50 Tips and Dashboard sessions (original and repeats) are in the top 10 of all Convergence sessions, not just GP sessions, and they are only ones in the top 10 with more than 100 evaluations each. Yes, I'm bragging a little, but only because I worked my behind off to make them good.

Beat Bucher and I tried out a new session for new users of GP. We got good responses and evaluations but it still needs some tweaking.

What about that "Sex, Lies and Refreshable Excel Reports" thing? It was the highest rated user group session. I'm thinking that it could also be the next book. We'll see.

There are some racy pictures going around of me signing men's hairy torsos. They are real. It was scary.

Thank you to everyone who came to my sessions, who filled out an evaluation and who helped out along the way. I met lots of great people.

Next year Convergence is back in Atlanta so I.B.I.S. can play host again.