22 August 2006

Weekly Dynamic - PO Approvals

Using PO Approvals in Dynamics GP allows you to control PO approvals within the system. This isn't as sophisticated as some of the requisition options but it works well in many environments. There can also be some alternate uses.
PO Approvals lets you set a limit and basic heirarchy for PO approval. First though, you have to activate it. Go to
Tools-Setup-Purchasing-Purchase Order Enhancements
and check the Activate Approvals box. Then continue the setup with the Approvals Setup button. Here you select a user and give them an approval amount. Anything from 0 (no approval) to unlimited approval. You can also select who they report to and whether approval is only for their users or anyone.
It's pretty straightforward from that standpoint. We have a separate approval process for PO's where I work but we use PO approvals in GP as a speed bump. Amounts over a certain dollar limit require approval by the Controller or the CFO. We rarely decline these items but It's extremely helpful from a cash flow standpoint to see that a large PO is about to be issued. It lets us dig deeper into the transaction to ensure that we're not rushing shipping on items that won't be used immediately and that we're following good ordering practices. This way, we get to have that conversation BEFORE the PO actually goes out.  It has led to reworking the PO or the timing of the request improving both our cash flow and our understanding of the business.