07 July 2009

Dwight Specht Tells Us All to Man Up

Legendary GP guy Dwight Specht is back blogging after a hiatus to have his second child and he's good and wound up. Dwight tackles consulting practice, infighting and the economy in his latest missive and tell us all to stop the whining. I'm quite happy to not only be employed but be very busy in these tough times. I AM in need of vacation but other than that I'm going to assume that I'm not in the Prima Dona consultant role since Dwight is perfectly capable of telling me to stop whining in person. He doesn't need a blog post to do that.

For the record, Dwight's post is absolutely worth reading and I prefer the term "Consulting Diva". I also like my Diet Mt. Dew at precisely 38 degrees and favor the foam pillows at the Hampton Inn. (If you're not smiling now, you really need to lighten up.)