07 July 2009

FastPath Security for Dynamics GP - What it Can and Can't Do

I recently completed phase 1 of a large Dynamics GP Project Accounting implementation. One of the complicating factors was that the client chose to introduce a rebuilt security model at the same time. This meant that we had to deal with new functionality and new security issues at the same time. The biggest hurdle was realizing that the SA user's security had been significantly locked down.

The client uses FastPath’s Configurator for security setup, Configurator AD -SSO for Active Directory based sign on and Audit Trail for security audits. There was some confusion about what FastPath’s security does and doesn’t do so I thought that I would clarify some of those points in this blog post.

Configurator – FastPath’s Configurator lets companies setup GP security. It provides an interface to setup security outside of Dynamics GP. This means that a security administrator can setup security without needing a GP login. The interface is also a lot nicer than GP’s interface and it support security settings import and export. The key thing to understand is that Configurator sets GP security. Configurator can’t do anything with GP security that can’t be done from inside the interface. So if there is a security problem, it’s still a setting in GP security. It’s  a security setup problem, not a FastPath vs. GP security problem.

Configurator AD - SSO – Configurator AD connects GP users to Active Directory allowing an AD security administrator to assign AD users to roles inside of GP. It doesn’t provide options to change the tasks in the roles only to assign users to roles. Configurator AD - SSO also provides options for Active Directory based single sign on for Dynamics GP, which frankly, is just wicked cool when you see it in person.

Audit Trail – Audit Trail provides auditing options on GP tables along with audit reporting options. One of the advantages over GP’s Audit Trail module is that FastPath’s Audit Trail application can audit virtually any SQL application, not just Dynamics GP. That provides the option to leverage an Audit Trail investment across the organization.

Despite the confusion our phase 1 go live was amazingly painless. The few issues we had were resolved so quickly that I got to go home early. I don't get to say that very often so a big congrats from me to everyone involved.