05 February 2010

50 Tips at Convergence 2010

I've been told that because of the success of my 2009 50 Tips presentation I don't have to have a Microsoft presentation buddy at Convergence this year. As a result my sessions will consist of nothing but politics, religion and pirated South Park episodes. (Just kidding Pam, please don't pull my sessions!)

Seriously, in a new to you moment, I get to repeat last year's 50 Tips sessions along with presenting 50 brand new tips for Dynamics GP. That's 100 tips for Dynamics GP. Some of these tips can easily save you the time and cost investment of Convergence registration over the course of this year. Those of you who were there will remember that some of these tips are applicable way back to version 5.0. (If you're on version 5.0 we need to talk.)

If you want to Twitter during either of the presentations please use the official Convergence hash tag of #Conv10 and the #50Tips hash tag for tweets during and about the presentations.

Oh yeah, I'm still trying to convince MS that we need a t-shirt cannon at Convergence. Comment here, on Facebook or tweet if you agree.