24 March 2011

Weekly Review: Two Way Match as a Best Practice

A three way match of PO+Receipt+Invoice is the typical process for PO processing. However, in some scenarios, a two way match is preferred because it's more efficient. Essentially the company chooses to pay from the receiving not waiting for an invoice. This is really efficient when price agreements between the company and vendor are consistent. Also in a high turnover environment, invoice differences will never make it to the product because the product will be gone long before the invoice arrives so the vendor may agree to forgive price differences in exchange for faster payment. After all, by paying from the receipt, the company eliminates a lot of time and effort chasing down small variances.

It is incredibly simple to accomplish a two way match in GP. When processing a Receiving simply pick Shipment/Invoice as the Receiving Type. This processes a receiving and invoice as one transaction thus completing the two way match.

If you're looking to do two way matching, it doesn't get easier than this.

Originally Posted by Mark at 1/26/2009 09:00:00 AM