07 April 2011

Weekly Review: Restarting Project Accounting

Project Accounting setup can be tough to get right the first time in Dynamics GP. Sometimes a company simply wants to dump their existing Project Accounting implementation and start over without ripping out the rest of their GP implementation. Maybe they only implemented PA for internal projects and now that setup won’t properly support external projects.

There are lots of considerations to take into account before doing this. It is not something to be done lightly. Make sure you understand the implications of this. Those implications are beyond the scope of this post. Make sure that you consult with your partner before doing this. This can also be useful if you are testing PA in a test company and want to start over completely. If you’ve done your homework and you are ready to restart Project Accounting, here is how you do it. In SQL Server Management Studio:

1. Delete DYNAMICS..DB_Upgrade where PRODID = 258 and db_name = 'Company ID '

Use the company database ID for your company.

2. Delete DYNAMICS..DU000020 where PRODID = 258 and companyID = x

where “x” = the companyID from DYNAMICS..SY01500


run against the company database

Yes, it really is that simple. After you log in the next time, you’ll get a message that Project Accounting is not setup and PA looks just like it does after a fresh install. Sometimes a fresh start is easier than you think.

[H.T. to Ross Carlson of I.B.I.S. for figuring this out while we were working on resetting a PA test company]

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