11 November 2011

GPUG Summit Recap Part 1

This #GPSummit has been a lot of fun and a little surreal.

- Congrats to the GPUG all star winners. My personal opinion is that they should really call it the Bob McAdam award. He is a tireless GPUG champion. Just don't make it a memorial award. We want him around.
- To everyone who attended one of my sessions, bought a book or laughed at my lame jokes, thank you again for being a part of #GPSummit.
- I learned something in Vanessa's Field Service class. She truly is the queen of Field Service. I loved the quizzes too.
- It was a little surreal to have folks walk up with a copy of my book full of sticky notes and ask specific questions about certain tips.
- I truly felt like a rock star when Kelly Youells bought my book. For those of us in the trenches she is a true rock star at Microsoft.
- We had some audio problems with David Musgrave's Support Debugging Tool video so Mariano and I winged it. Apologies to everyone and thanks for your patience.
- The closing session was way too much fun. I will talk more about what was announced separately.

More later...