14 November 2011

Weekly Dynamic: ReQLogic Login

For ReQLogic, users have to enter domain credentials at login. If the machine is already joined to the domain and the user is logging in with domain credentials the need to enter credentials again can be removed.
1) On the Tools menu click Internet Options and then click the Security tab. Click Trusted Sites then Sites.
a.     In the entry box type the URL for the ReQLogic location like http://reqlogic.server.int.
b.     Click Add then OK.
2)    Back on the Security tab click Custom Level… and scroll to bottom of the list to User Authentication.
3)    Select the checkbox Automatic logon with current username and password. 
4)    Click OK and then OK to return to your browser page.
[H.T. to Rob Mitchell and Chaz Vann of I.B.I.S. for this tip.]