12 October 2012

GPUG Summit 2012 - Seatte

The 2012 GPUG Summit is next week in Seattle. In case you can't be there, I'll try to keep the blog and Twitter updated. Follow the #GPUGSummit tag on Twitter for real time updates. I'm pretty involved so update timing may be...interesting.

If you are going to Summit, I've got a couple of updates for you.
  • I'm doing 5 unique sessions, a repeat and an Ask the Expert session.
  • The 50 Tips session is again completely new and will change before Convergence because of the December release of GP 2013. This may be your only chance to see these tips so don't miss them.
  • I'm again doing 50 Tips for closing the month faster.
  • I've got a new GP / Excel presentation where we look at some really cool tips and tools for working with Dynamics GP and Excel.
  • My new PowerPivot presentation will show you how to build an Excel based dashboard from GP data in about 20 minutes.
  • Finally, Andy Snook and I are tackling an audit and security session together. Expect to hear some stories about the company that...
  • I'm going to have some Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbooks with me. If you want to buy one I'll have them after sessions and at "The HUB" on Wednesday at 2:00 to 3:00 and Thursday at 9:15 to 10:15. I can take credit cards and I'll be happy to sign books.
 I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Seattle! Yeah, even Huber.