15 October 2012

Weekly Dynamic: Automatically Refresh Excel Reports

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a great set of refreshable Excel reports. These are live reports, in Excel, connected to GP data. Even cooler, once you've got a report in Excel you can set it to update automatically.

  • Once the Excel reports are deployed, go into Dynamics GP and select Financial from the Navigation Pane.
  • Above the Navigation Pane select Excel Reports
  • Double click the Account Transactions report in the Navigation List in the middle. Excel will open up with an Excel report.
  • Click Data | Connections | Properties to open the Connection Properties window.
  • Here are all of the refresh settings:
    • Enable background refresh - typically you want this checked
    • Refresh every X minutes - checking this and setting the number of minutes will force the sheet to get new data from GP on that interval. For example, if it's month end, you could set this to every 15 minutes to update your analysis new data is posted.
    • Refresh data when opening the file - every time you open the worksheet, it pulls in the latest data
    • Refresh this connection on Refresh all - typically you want this check so that it will refresh with the Refresh all button.
With the power of Excel and Excel reports you can refresh GP data on your terms.